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Dr. David Brendel, MD Executive Coaching
  • Harvard-trained MD/PhD Psychiatrist
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Master Certified Coach Trainer
  • Experienced Hospital Executive
  • Harvard Business Review and MIT Press Author

  • Associate Certified Coach International Coach Federation

Understanding Human Behavior:  The Key to Success

Dr. Brendel is an internationally recognized expert at helping people understand their own behavior and the behavior of others. In today’s fast-paced, team-centered business world, executives, and managers who understand human behavior have a significant advantage.

Dr. Brendel has extensive training and experience in understanding human behavior and motivation. As a psychiatrist, executive coach, personal coach, and philosophical counselor, Dr. Brendel uses this understanding to help you perform at the highest level. He can help you recognize your strengths and build on them. At the same time, he can help you identify areas for improvement, so that you can address them in a focused way. Dr. Brendel’s unique background and training, years of high-level experience, and expert understanding of human behavior differentiate him from other personal and executive coaches, consultants, and counselors.

Dr. Brendel can help you work through difficult situations that may occur in your career, your company, or your personal life. Whether you are facing a challenging negotiation process, an important team project, an interoffice conflict, or a period of upheaval or dramatic change in direction, his insight and understanding of human behavior can help you deal effectively with any situation that may occur. In the most severe circumstances, people turn to Dr. Brendel for crisis management services.

Everyone needs someone whom they trust to talk through a variety of challenges and opportunities in their workplace and personal life. Dr. Brendel has a laser focus on helping established leaders reach peak performance, and on helping up-and-coming professionals reach their goals as managers and as developing leaders. Dr. Brendel listens carefully, asks direct and thought provoking questions, and provides guidance without bias or conflict of interest. His only commitment is to you, the client, as you strive toward peak performance.

Understanding Your Own Behaviors

It can be very challenging to examine your beliefs and behaviors objectively. A neutral third-party perspective on your thoughts and actions can be invaluable to identify areas for improvement and a methodology for reaching your goals. Dr. Brendel has years of experience understanding people’s belief systems and patterns of behavior, and helping those individuals to adjust their beliefs and behaviors to lead more fulfilled and productive lives. Achieving greater self-awareness can help you understand your decision making process as a manager or executive. This deeper level of self-understanding can help you reduce bias in your decision making, manage the stress of your high-powered career, and support your quest to become a more effective team player and executive leader.

Understanding the Behaviors of Others

As a manager or executive, you strive to get the best possible work product from your team. Every individual on your team will respond to motivating factors that spur them to make their best efforts on a project. Dr. Brendel has expertise in helping leaders to deepen their understanding of other people on the team and to motivate those people to perform at their very best. He coaches leaders on how to read subtle signals that might provide a window on the emotional dynamics affecting other people on the team. He can guide your thinking about the most effective ways to communicate with others on the team about these issues, so that you can promote their capacity to function and deliver at the highest possible level.

Interpersonal Relationships

Working with with Dr. Brendel to develop a better understanding of human behavior can help to improve your relationships with co-workers, colleagues, and important people in your personal life. The quality of your relationships is a major determinant of your personal success and the success of your business or organization. In order to prosper, it is crucial for you to master an understanding of human behavior, particularly the types of behavior that are common in the workplace. Very few people have the opportunity to work with a certified executive coach who is also a highly experienced psychiatrist, administrative leader, consultant, and mentor. If you are an executive who wants to improve your interpersonal relationships and promote the success of your business by boosting morale and commitment in your colleagues, Dr. Brendel can help. His extensive knowledge of human behavior and interpersonal relationships will help to increase the morale of your colleagues and the dividends in your company's bottom line.


Managing and motivating teams is an important attribute for today’s global leaders, executives, and managers.  These individuals recognize the importance of the group dynamics of their teams. Healthy group dynamics can help your team succeed.  Unfortunately, unhealthy group dynamics can cause your team to fail.   The behavior of individuals in high pressure, fast-paced groups can be very different from what are considered to be typical behaviors.  Many people who have great individual talents have trouble adapting to the demands of teams.  The problems of adapting to function as a team can be challenging in its own right.  Depending on others for their success can be a drastic change and problematic for people who have previously only worked as an individual to succeed in business.  The psychodynamics of teams is an important aspect of modern psychological study.  Important facets of team dynamics include:  how to motivate people to work together to achieve common goals and how to get people to prioritize group goals over individual goals.

Boards of Directors

For senior executives, including chief executive officers, chief operating officers and chief financial officers, their relationships with the members of the Board of Directors are critically important.  These relationships are typically quite complicated and can be contentious at times.  The relationships between senior executives and the members of the board of directors actually involve many different forms of relationships and dynamics, such as one on one, group and fiduciary relationships to third parties.  The overall dynamics of these relationships can often be difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned executives.  Building and maintaining beneficial and productive relationships with the board of directors requires a sophisticated understanding of human behavior and multifactorial relationship dynamics. If you are looking for assistance in enhancing these relationships, turn to one of the country’s most knowledgeable and experienced executive coaches, Dr. David Brendel.

Investors and Negotiating

Negotiations play a prominent role in the day-to-day activities of businesses.  You may be negotiating your own compensation and that of others.  You may be negotiating with a new customer or an important supplier.  Negotiations are subject to significant influences of emotions, and subconscious interactions.   Those who are most skilled at negotiation have an understanding of the drivers of human behavior, whether conscious or subconscious.  The person doing the negotiating needs to have studied and understood the behavior and motivation of the individual with whom they are negotiating. However, many negotiators revert back to following their instincts in negotiations, which may result in their biases clouding their judgment and therefore a poorer outcome.

Investors are one example of the parties with whom negotiations are commonly involved.  Attracting investors and maintaining positive relationships with them require specific talents and an understanding of the dynamics of human behavior and interaction.  Learning how to successfully communicate with and appropriately manage expectations of investors in a one on one or group setting is essential to having and maintaining successful investor relationships.

Dr. Brendel will help you to become a better negotiator and a better communicator by teaching you to recognize the emotions and behaviors that commonly occur.  He will help you to learn to recognize your own emotions while you are communicating, to understand the impact of them on your perception of the communication, to anticipate how emotions can affect the negotiating positions and tactics of the other party, and to interpret how the other party’s emotions are affecting him or her.  The ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively is an essential skill for any executive or manager to have, whether the communication involves a negotiation or any kind of report to investors.


The decision on whether to hire an individual for an open position can be an extremely challenging situation.  Often the person whom is performing the interview has never met the candidate who they are to be interviewing.   Usually, they have glanced at a cover letter, resume, or CV before conducting the interview, which will provide the interviewer with a miniscule amount of background information on the candidate.   At the same time, the candidate is putting their best foot forward in order to be hired for the job. 

Unfortunately, the candidate occasionally manages to convince the interviewer that they are they best person for the job, but when the candidate begins to work the interviewer realizes that the person who was hired is not who they appeared to be during the interview.   Other times the interviewer’s own biases play a part in the hiring decision due to a subconscious, “gut” feeling the interviewer may have had during the interview, even though another candidate may have been more qualified.

Due to the limited number of interactions between the person conducting the interview and the person being interviewed, the hiring process is fraught with the risk that the person who is hired may not be the best fit for the company and vice versa.   As an experienced executive coach and psychiatrist, Dr. Brendel can provide expertise in helping you ensure that the best people are hired for your company. He is qualified to administer and interpret the ProfileXT assessment, which is a structured evaluation tool designed to match job candidates to positions for which they are well suited.

Working With Dr. Brendel

Dr. Brendel is based in Boston and serves clients from the local area, throughout the United States, and around the world. Many clients come to see him in person, and he is able to travel to see them as needed. Dr. Brendel is also available to work with executive coaching and philosophical counseling clients by telephone and video conferencing. Contact him at (617) 932-1548 or David@DrDavidBrendel.com.

Client Hometowns

As noted above, I work with executive coaching and management consulting clients from around the world. Clients visit from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well different states in the United States. In New England, I have worked with people from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

In Massachusetts, I primarily provide executive coaching in the Boston area, including the following towns and cities:

  • Boston, MA
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  • Cambridge, MA
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