Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals:

You can transform your practice, find new ways to help clients, and become a stronger mentor and leader – all while enhancing your work satisfaction, lifestyle, and income!


 “Certified Coach Training & Practice Development Program”

…exclusively designed for and offered to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other Mental Health Professionals

Get expert coach training to transform your career, achieve fulfillment, and help your clients – while still making the income you expect.

PLUS—It is easy to make a gradual transition so that you never rely on insurance or government reimbursement again.

You are invited to attend a high impact 6-month program that will result in a completely transformed career, plus a new professional skill-set and credential.  You can use this new skill-set and credential as the primary focus of a full-time practice, or to strengthen your current work in psychiatry, mental health, or any other areas you choose to pursue.

The program will enhance your skills as a mentor, advisor, consultant, and leader for individual clients and for any organizations and businesses in which you work. You will achieve the credential of a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC).

This program is a collaboration between the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC), Leading Minds Executive & Personal Coaching, and the Physician Transition & Leadership Institute (PTLI). Since the CEC is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) of the International Coach Federation (ICF), you will also have the opportunity for fast-track application to the ICF for their credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

The program gives you training in best coaching practices combined with a customized program specific to the unique needs of Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals. This is a very powerful and completely unique combination that will enable you to work with a wide range of clients.

This program is not for everyone – it is not “light” or “fluffy.” It requires a strong commitment, open-mindedness to new approaches with clients, and a well-developed capacity for self-understanding and empathy.

The “Certified Coach Training & Practice Development Program” will both train you to become a highly effective coach and guide you in your career transition. It will empower you to coach individual clients and to bring a powerful culture of coaching to your organization. Through your coaching, you will enhance the quality of life and career growth of your clients. You will learn how to transform complex organizations and businesses into engines of growth, profit, and success.

David Brendel and Andrew Neitlich collaborate in this program to provide you with top-notch coach training for mental health professionals. David is a Harvard-trained, Board Certified psychiatrist and a Master Certified Coach Trainer (MCCT) within the Center for Executive Coaching, of which Andrew is Founder and Director. Their Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School backgrounds, combined with their many years of coaching practice and teaching, are unparalleled.

Questions? Want to apply? Contact Dr. David Brendel at or phone (617) 932-1548. Sign up to receive updates and more information about coaching opportunities for mental health professionals.


Benefits to Participants

This is the premiere program for training psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals to become professional coaches. No other program provides comparable rigor and support. You have the opportunity to develop a powerful new skill-set and valuable new credentials that will deepen the work you can do with a broad range of clients.

Some of the benefits of joining are:

• Learn to apply positive psychology and best coaching practices in your work with clients.

• Earn a new professional credential that can be applied anywhere in your career.

• Develop a vision and plan to transform your career.

• Be a better leader, teacher, and mentor.

• Improve your communication and presentation skills.

• Learn more about business management and strategy.

• Diversify your revenue stream and secure your finances.

• Achieve a healthier work/life balance and improve your personal relationships.

• Work with highly experienced and credentialed coaches who will hold you accountable to implementing your plan and reaching your goals.

Sample Curriculum Topics

• Positive psychology: the basic science of coaching

• The difference between coaching and therapy/counseling/consulting

• Solution-based approaches versus problem-based approaches

• Active Inquiry: the foundational coaching conversation

• Appreciative Inquiry: Eliciting strengths

• Attitudes and orientations of the coach

• The 8-step coaching process

• Market Facing Coaching: Assess/Design/Implement/Follow Up

• The 12P Model of Coaching

• Client development plans

• Accountability & Outcomes

• Perceptual Coaching: 3 steps to changing your beliefs

• Behavioral Coaching: Action patterns for success

• Power Base Coaching

• Strategic Planning

• Succession Planning

• Physical and Mental Wellness

• Team Coaching

• Creating Coaching Frameworks

• Setting up a coaching practice

• Professional, ethical, and legal dilemmas

• Coaching case studies

Questions? Want to apply? Contact Dr. David Brendel at or phone (617) 932-1548. Sign up to receive updates and more information about coaching opportunities for mental health professionals.


Program Details

• 6-month program with rolling admission, OR participation in one of our intensive 3-½ day certification sessions plus access to all other training services as described below.

• Weekly one-hour telecalls on the principles and practice of Personal & Executive Coaching. Calls are recorded in case you cannot make one or more.

• Monthly group tele-calls with David and other participants in the Program, for peer support, practice, and guidance.

• Receive access to a member area with video demonstrations of coaching and audio lectures, coaching manuals and marketing manuals.

• Get individualized evaluation of your strengths via in-depth interviews, validated structured assessment (ProfileXT), and optional 360° assessment incorporating feedback from the most important people in your life (family, colleagues, friends, etc.).

• Design of an individualized strategic plan that defines your career and lifestyle goals, and the action steps you must take to get there.

• Includes a monthly 1-hour individual sessions with David Brendel (in person, by telephone, or via video conferencing) to discuss your career strategy and hold you accountable to the agreed upon plan.

• Access to David by email and brief telephone sessions between meetings, as needed to ensure your success; and to Andrew Neitlich for marketing support.

• Referrals to additional, relevant professional consultants and mentors, as needed.

• Availability for ongoing follow-up and support after the 6-month program is completed and you have implemented your plan.

• Coaching curriculum rooted in positive psychology, Active Inquiry, power base coaching, and other proven techniques.

• Use of books, articles, and other educational materials from the professional coaching literature.

• Credential earned after completing 6-month curriculum: Certified Executive Coach.

• Option for additional credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading association in the coaching industry.


1)      Distance learning only. You must participate in at least 20 weekly tele-calls, the 6 monthly sessions with David by phone or Skype, and satisfactory completion of 6 recorded coaching sessions that you send to David and/or Andrew for formal review. Cost: $6,000, and you can pay in ten convenient monthly installments or save $100 by paying up front.

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2)       Intensive in-person seminar for 3-½  days which covers all aspects of the curriculum. These sessions occur a few times per year and are held in either Boston, MA or Sarasota, FL. You also are welcome to participate in the weekly tele-calls, and get the entire distance learning program along with up to 6 individual sessions with David in person or by phone or Skype. Cost: $7,500 and you can pay in ten convenient monthly installments, or save $100 by paying up front.

Click Here to Pay Convenient Installments Pay Up Front and Save $100

NOTE: The learning in this program is highly interactive and involves such activities as role-playing and other proactive endeavors. Full engagement and involvement are required to obtain maximum benefit and certification.

Admission requires review of your resume/CV and an interview with our co-founders to confirm mutual fit.

Questions: Contact us with any questions about the program.


To apply: Schedule an interview to confirm fit.

(617) 932-1548

Questions? Want to apply? Contact Dr. David Brendel at or phone (617) 932-1548 . Sign up to receive updates and more information about coaching opportunities for mental health professionals.

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