10/11/2016 – Huffington Post: Coaching Executives to Regulate Their Emotions: The Role of Mindfulness Strategies

For most executives, the ability to recognize and regulate their emotions is an important part of their success. This Huffington Post blog discusses the use of mindfulness techniques to help executives better understand, regulate and cope with their emotions. (Coaching Executives to Regulate Their Emotions: The Role of Mindfulness Strategies).Read More  »

09/30/2016 – Huffington Post: Stepping Into a Strategic Leadership Role: Lessons from Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Chinese philosophers have much to offer the modern executive. This Huffington Post blog post discusses one of the important concepts offered by Chinese sages: wu-wei — the idea of succeeding by learning to try not to try. In the article, I offer my experience with this seemingly paradoxical notion, and how it can help a leader on their way to success by relaxing into strategic roles.Read More  »

6/08/16 – Media Shower: Putting the Mind Back Into Mindfulness

In this Media Shower “Thoughts From the Shower” blog post, I discuss the progression of articles that I’ve written myself, and with my co-author and Leading Minds Executive Coaching associate Emmie Row Stamell, about the strategies and potential pitfalls of practicing mindfulness in the workplace. These posts have sparked interesting and worthwhile discussions on the topic and have brought new clients to Leading Minds.Read More  »

5/16/2016 – Huffington Post: It’s Time to Revisit the Concept of Thought Leadership

I believe it’s time to expand on the definition of the concept of thought leadership. My Huffington Post article discusses how true thought leaders are able to understand complex business situations, lead others to think creatively, and bring out the best in others. (It’s Time to Revisit the Concept of Thought Leadership).Read More  »